Sensuous without a trace of coercive sentiment, embodied without burden, Amy Shuckburgh’s delicate yet bold and vivid images of motherhood manage to evoke a portrait for our time that avoids the twin pitfalls of idealisation and punishment.
— Jacqueline Rose, Professor of Humanities, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, Author of Mothers: An Essay on Love and Cruelty
In the Bath, oil on paper

In the Bath, oil on paper

Amy’s motherhood series explores intimate moments of motherhood, capturing in loose lines and vivid colour aspects of the serenity, exhaustion, stresses and pleasures of being a mother. These works look at the everyday physical and emotional demands of motherhood, and observing a world that has often been ignored by artists; a private domestic realm where women are both immensely strong and frequently vulnerable and ignored.

Amy’s work challenges the traditional male gaze, with images of women’s bodies that are not idealistic or heroic but raw and truthful. As a mother herself, she has tried to explore what helps to create a woman’s sense of her own identity when she finds herself subsumed by her role as care-giver.

This series on women and children began in 2016, but draws on decades of portrait-painting, both of children and adults, and from a search more generally for a truth-telling and instinctive mark-making in her work.

Gallery of Motherhood work can be found here.